About us

We are Floratuin Julianadorp!

Floratuin Julianadorp is a flower and flowerbulb specialty store, located in Julianadorp.

The Floratuin is located in the Noordelijk Zand area, the largest consecutive flowerbulb area of the world.

In our shop and website you can find more than 300 species of spring flowering bulbs!

Come see the beautiful showgarden, where the most exclusive and new species are presented, or visit the picking garden, where you can pick your own tulip bouquet.

For the opening hours of our shop, click here.


Interested in a grouparrangement?

Click here or mail to info@floratuin.com for all the possibilities.

Floratuin Julianadorp

Visit the Floratuin

Pick your own flowerbulbs in the blooming Floratuin! In Spring, when everything is flowering, is the perfect time to see..


Floratuin Julianadorp

Internet Orders

You can order via our website of the Floratuin.
Shipping of the order takes place in September, October and November


Floratuin Julianadorp

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